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AI for human and the environment.

About us

AITera is committed to providing socially and economically sustainable solutions for the decontamination of soil and groundwater through artificial intelligence. Its next-generation decision-making tool is powered by a constantly growing global body of knowledge that includes several million research articles and environmental reports as well as tens of thousands of reported cases of decontamination.

AITera’s advanced multi-criteria analyses assess the various treatments known to date and facilitate the development of tailor-made solutions adapted to your projects. Our tool uses automated natural language processing to extract relevant contextual information from your environmental reports. Along with these reports, it provides recommendations on the most appropriate treatments, with supporting information and references, thereby reducing the risks, delays and significant costs generally associated with such projects.

With a world-renowned network of partners and a privileged collaboration with the world leader IBM, AITera directly supports environmental experts to rehabilitate and preserve healthy and viable lands for current and future generations.

Intelligent and customized solutions.

Benefit from artificial intelligence capable of processing thousands of pages of information in a matter of minutes and synthesizing vast knowledge in the field and so that you can make faster, more well-informed decisions on the best possible courses of action to take

Access all relevant information from thousands of pages of unstructured (plain language), multiple and bulky reports in fews minutes

Tap into the latest technological advances and research knowledge published in scientific journals that can:

  • Have impact on treatment recommendations according to the particular context as defined by your project
  • Maximize decontamination performance or minimize costs, risks and time required to remediate contaminated sites

Set up, if necessary, new key factors that will influence decisions specific to a particular rehabilitation propject

Significantly reduce the time required for complex, time-consuming research that is oftentimes more or less neglected in terms of scientific and regulatory information—all while maximizing success and relevance

Implement sustainable solutions through the Corpus created by AITera that promotes compliance with criteria essential for reducing the environmental footprint of past human activities in order to rehabilitate contaminated land and meet the densification needs of rapidly expanding cities around the world

Provide a forum for exchange between experts to continuously improve interventions for sustainable development and increased environmental protection.

Why should you use AITera

A rigorous report published last March by the United Nations and written by 250 scientists and experts from more than 70 countries warned that environmental damage is worsening, killing millions of people each year and putting millions more at risk. This emergency appeal urges all decision-makers and actors in our communities to take immediate action.

We need to act in an innovative way now and AITera is your go-to partner for the changes needed in the preservation of water and soil, and, more specifically, in the rehabilitation of contaminated soil, a complex field with many major challenges. Our ultimate goal? To help foster the most healthy landpossible to feed the estimated 9 billion people that will inhabit the Earth by 2050.

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